GenPass - Password Generator

This free application application lets you generate hard-to-crack passwords. The generated passwords can easily be customized to fit your needs, you can even generate serial numbers for your own applications with it.

GenPass program window

  • Set password length;
  • Make system clock take effect in generated passwords (so the probability of the same password's occurence will be minimal);
  • Filter repeating periods to make the generated password harder to crack;
  • Force uppercase/lowercase (easier to memorize but easier to crack);
  • Make the generated password look like a serial number so you can use it to protect your own applications;
  • Check how secure your new password is.

System requirements

The program does not have any special requirements. It was built as a standard Windows application, so all you need to have is Windows 95 or later. The program also works fine on Linux with the latest Wine installed, I have tested that :)


You can download the application and its documentation here.